Staying in Rimini Hostel, you will be welcomed in many well-known and best of Rimini’s night spots, where you will receive a very special welcome!...Here are just some of the places which are an absolute must, while you are here.






One of the most loved and well none meeting points with the young locals. After a day at the beach, whilst making your way back to the hostel, you can stop and taste a fantastic aperitif. In fact, ordering something to drink, for example an ice cold beer, or a nice glass of wine, you will be granted access to a rich buffet. Moreover, il Kiosko is open until late at night, with good music and a truly friendly atmosphere.




Another of Rimini’s popular night life venues, this pub/pizzeria offers a unique atmosphere, where you can also eat and drink at discounted prices!!! …visit the website!




The first pub opened in Italy (1964) frequented often by foreign tourists, you will find the true atmosphere of a real English pub, with an ample selection of top quality beer, the best hamburgers on the Riviera and live music every night!!! Visit the web site!




A historic Rimini pub opened in 1967, very closely situated to the hostel, and even today, a favourite place amongst the young locals, and both Italian and foreign holiday makers who come to Rimini.

Here, you will pass the night away, whilst enjoying, the warm, friendly atmosphere!!! …visit the web site!!!




If you enjoy dancing the night away to loud music, Steve awaits you at Pais, a disco pub with an underground style, with themed nights of various musical genres.

It has a unique ambience compared to other night spots in the city centre. Here you will find both Italian international university students amongst the crowds of party goers!!




Since 1971, it has been the cult discotheque of the Riminese summer. Thomas, with his international staff, awaits you, where you can meet people from all over the world … and dance until the early hours of the morning!!! Visit the web site!